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Connections Convert

It’s no secret that human connection converts more customers than a pitch alone. In fact, you can have the best pitch in the world, but if you don’t connect with your audience by showing them how it actually meets their needs, it doesn’t matter.


So next time you head out to do some sales or marketing, focus on being human rather than simply perfecting your pitch. Listening to audience needs and being equipped with promotional gifts are great ways of breaking down the barrier that often exists between salesmen and prospects. As you begin to focus on building bridges toward people, here are a few key things to keep in mind.


Meet them where they’re at


Learn to read people. When you can sense, either by talking or listening, where they’re at in the buying process, you can tailor your approach to fit them. This shows them that you’re not just generically pushing a product, but that you actually want to implement your solution in the best way. Tailored promotional products help drive home how much you care.


Address their needs and concerns


It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a good sales pitch. But your prospects don’t want or need your product or service. What they need is a solution. Next time you’re tempted to barrage them with a list of benefits before you even know what their real needs or concerns are, stop. That’s the precise time that you should start asking questions and taking an interest in them as people who happen to also be prospects.


Leave them a small token reminder of the interaction


Nobody cares what you know until you show them that you care. After connecting with your prospects at a human level rather than salesman to prospect, leave them with small (or large) promotional gifts to remember you and your company by.


However you design your marketing process, it’s important to always keep relationships and human connection at the forefront.

Tapping into the tech base to convert techies to buyers

Every company has a unique client and audience base, and it’s important to identify, know and understand them to optimize your own marketing efforts. 


By tapping into their interests and needs as you select the right promotional products, you can set a reminder in their minds about your company so that when it comes time to convert from browser to buyer, you are first on their mind.


Choose top-rated promotional products


The top 3 promotional products that top tech firms give their prospects are tech gear, wearables, and writing instruments. Experts in the promotions field say that tech companies choose products that speak their customers “geek-speak” language. That means off-the-beaten-path, quirky and fun.


Use memorable messages or text


The tech community takes pride in being different … unique … and probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Make sure your brand messaging speaks to them. Choosing the right promotional products is a start, but make sure that the message you’re conveying with the product is clever and captures their fast-moving minds.


Be tweetable


If we know anything about the tech world, it’s that they’re well-connected. Set up your event or tradeshow to be shareable via social outlets. A photo booth, an instagram contest, or a quirky mascot are great ways of encouraging social sharing and spreading your brand across the web to other techies.


Above all, get creative


Masters of technology and the web have seen and created a lot. It often takes a special twist on the usual to spark their attention and establish yourself in their memory bank. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these techie creations, and reconsider your approach of the “usual”. Meet techies where they’re at: the web, techie events, techie tradeshows, and of course, the best geeky events around. And don’t forget: techies love creative promotional products. So be liberal.


So next time you feel stuck in the “same-old” rut as you approach your next event or prospect, stop and think for a moment, then ditch the “same-old” for an exciting, fun attention-grabbing approach. Acquire important insight into your customers to become a better marketer, and an all-over better and more well-rounded person who knows how to relate with a variety of people. That is, after all, a key aspect of marketing success. 

Sticky Notes Fun

Customized sticky notes have a way of "sticking around" -- pardon the pun. There are more reasons than  the obviously fun sticky factor that we love these little advertising tools. Customized sticky notes can be the very thing that will help you build your business stronger, and set it up for stickability (again, pardon the pun -- it's just too much fun!)


You can attract more customers to your trade show booth by displaying your customized sticky notes in stunning ways that demand to be noticed. Sticky notes are lauded around the world as useful tools for jogging our memories in ways that sometimes the best smartphone reminder can't. Sticky notes provide the visual that we crave, yet have lost with technology. Help your customers regain their memory (and sanity) by providing them customized sticky notes to jog their memory about you when it matters most.


Deck out your tradeshow booth with some of these ideas for using customized sticky notes as decor, you can draw in more potential customers as they stop by to admire your displays. Make sure to send them away with plenty of customized sticky notes and tips for designing their own fantastical displays at home. 

Customized sticky notes make surprisingly beautiful flowers 

Customized sticky notes are artistic

Mona Lisa

Eiffel Tower     


Customized Sticky notes pinata


Customized sticky notes for customized messages

Customized sticky notes make great guest books

Customized sticky notes office prank

Customized sticky notes as awesome angry birds window decals


Have A marketing strategy? If Not, Get One.

marketing strategies that will boost your business 

In this day and age, being a business without a marketing strategy is a dangerous feat. In fact, you can't survive long without it. Promotional products are a great start for your strategy, but by laying down a real plan your business can soar. Follow these 5 simple steps to creating a basic marketing plan (and don't forget the promotional products!)


Know Your Company


The first rule of every business should be "know thy company." Without an accurate understanding of the industry, market needs, competitor offerings, competitor marketing, and your own niche market, your business will sit on the sidelines. Take some time to think through your company's strengths, and what makes it spin circles around your competitors. How do you help your clients/customers? What services do you offer that make you stand out? What are you weaknesses? Is there room for expansion, and is that on the table for the future? These are key questions to ask as you look to the future and to success.


Know Your Audience


If you can't describe them, you don't know them. Take some time to think through who they are, where they are, what they like, how much they earn, and what they love to do on the weekends. The more you put into their sketch now, the easier it will be to think like a marketer in all your business dealings. Remembers, marketing is everything that emanates from your company. Every word. Every product. Every news story. Every employee. If your customers are wild and crazy 20-somethings, there should be something in your company culture that reflects your audience. A white office full of suited-up professionals will fail to draw them in. Get in tune with your customers.


Know Your Goals


An unstated goal is just a dream. Write down your goals, and you begin to create the roadmap to get you there.  Make your goals measurable so that you can see your successes. They will fuel you on to the next phase rather than phase you out.


Define Strategies


Your marketing plan should embrace your targets at every step along the sales funnel, from new prospects to long-time customers. This will include increasing brand awareness and exposing them to your company; engaging with prospects and customers; utilizing digital marketing; promoting deals and customer appreciation events. The whole gamut. Devise a plan for reaching people at every stage and

You are well on your way to marketing success.


Set A Budget


The runaway budget is nobody's friend. Make sure you figure out a number, and stay within it. If you're just starting out, you might not have a budget. Perhaps you are self-funded, or taking a loan. Either way, keep track of your expenses before they get out of control. If you find your marketing is getting control of your pocketbook, go back and make adjustments to your plan to keep it working for you.

Keep some room in your marketing budget for promotional products from bizpen. Stats show that, not only to people love free swag, but custom products work.

3 Earth Day Promotional Products You Wont Want To Miss


Earth day is coming, and in honor of Earth Day, Bizpen Promotional Products is gearing up to offer a variety of eco-friendly products at its always low prices. Our pricing offers you minimum quantity ordering at maximum quantity discounting. This Earth Day, you'll be saving money while saving the world. What's not to love about that?


Eco-friendly customer favorite Earth Day promotional products will help kick start your business as you transition into the next quarter. Give these customized items out as tradeshow giveaways or as thank-you gifts to your customers for remaining loyal through the last quarter. You and your clients can feel good about these custom products knowing that you are saving the world promotional product by promotional product.  Here is our top 3 list of the promotional products we love.


Our picks: 3 Earth Day promotional products you will love


#1 Earth Day Promotional Products: Recycled Jotter Notebook and Pen


Useful for note-taking and remembering all the new faces and names from your favorite tradeshows, this eco-friendly notebook and pen set will set your Earth Day promotional products giveaways off to the right start.


#2 Earth Day Promotional Products: Earth Tote Bag


Carry groceries and more in this 100% recycled non-woven polypropylene bag. Save some trees and prevent added plastic pollution when you bring your own Earth Day promotional tote bag to the store with you. Next time someone asks you "paper or plastic" you can respond with, "No thanks. I've saving the world."


#3 Earth Day Promotional Products: Cotton Canvas Drawstring Backpack


Student and hikers alike love utilizing this promotional canvas backpack as they go about their day. Make sure you have everything you need as you run out the door, and declare your love for the environment with every step you take.


This Earth Day, make sure to take the time to enjoy your planet, save money, thank your clients, and remind them that you value the environment and their business.

Promotional Products Going Green for St. Patrick's Day


St. Patrick's Day is one of those holidays that are just too fun to forget. Plus, this St. Patrick's Day does, not double, but TRIPLE duty by hitting appealing to multiple audiences. The party crowd, the fashionistas (we'll explain) and the environmentally-conscious folks. So take your services to the pubs and places where St. Patrick's Day People go to celebrate, and your business might start seeing green before too long.


So in the spirit of celebration, fashion, and healthier earth-living, we've put together a few of our favorite pieces to help you get your name out to your target customers this St. Patty's Day.


St. Patricks Day Promotional Products


Promotional Green Mason Jar Tumbler

It's the one day of the year that people seem to be perpetually thirsty. Outfit them with a green mason jar tumbler promotional products as they rock out to the latest Irish bands and eat some corned beef sliders. It will prevent an awful lot of pinches, and be the subject of many of Twitter feeds and Snapchats, which means more exposure for your services. After all, people find mason jars incredibly hipster and cute.


Promotional Bottle Opener

Can you get through this Irish holiday without a bottle opener? We aren't sure. With a magnetic feature, you clients can double use it as a magnet long after March 17 is over. That means ongoing advertising of your business.


Environmentally "Green" Promotional Products


Promotional Green Eco Tote Bag

The Little Juno Grocery Tote is not only green in the spirit of the holiday, but "green" in its eco-friendliness. The reusable bag ditches irresponsible litter, making it a classic winner for anyone looking to cut back on plastic waste.


"Green" Bamboo Cell Phone Holder

This bamboo cell phone holder has just enough green to keep you safe from pinches at your desk. Although, when promotional products "go green" the environmentally responsible among us might have to pinch you to show their thanks and happiness. We can't help that.


Fashion-forward Green Promotional Products


Promotional Green Headwear

The secret is out. Green flash tops the Pantone list for the stylin' colors of spring 2016. Show your fashion-savvy customers that you are with the times. Some of our favorite promotional products for the season are these green hats: the golf cap, the low-profile cap, and the polyester visor.


Promotional Green Shopping Bags

Don't forget to send your runway-loving shoppers away with their purchases safely tucked away in these fashionably green bags. Promotional products like the glossy Euro tote and the matte shopping bag provide room for your customers to keep purchasing all your great holiday sales.


Make this St. Patrick's Day a memorable time for all with festive promotional products that will keep them remembering you.

Custom Gifts Generate Goodwill on Employee Appreciation Day

Your employees work hard every day of every quarter to keep your business running strong. They put up with end-of-quarter stress, last minute projects, and the occasional dreaded managerial brainstorming sessions that result in new projects that keep them running thin. Let's face it. Your employees deal with a lot, and they re troopers every day. Show them how much you appreciate them all year long, but March 4 offers a prime opportunity on Employee Appreciation Day. We've got some great custom gifts to brighten their day when you surprise them with a visit that has nothing to do with giving them more work. You will be the superhero of their week (or a less flighty version of Santa Clause).


At any rate, when you shower them with any combination of these custom gifts for the office, you will generate not only goodwill to men (and women) in true gift-giving fashion, but also inspire them to greater heights by infusing them with some team spirit. This selection will get you thinking outside of the box, because they may not need another imprinted mug at their desk (or they just might!)


Desk Caddy's make Great Custom Gifts

In the interest of the organizationally-challenged everywhere, this desk caddy weather station promotes organization and appeals to the gadget lover in us all. Plus, your team will never miss a deadline again with the date prominently featured on digital screen, and  --- bonus -- an alarm clock! Date, time, temperature will be at their fingertips with this fab find of custom gifts.


Promote Eco-friendliness with bamboo photo frame custom gifts

Bamboo photo frames are the custom gifts that keep giving. They are a great way for your employees to display a piece of home or fun at the office. Happy employees make the best ones. And what makes your employees happy? Recreation and Friendship/Family usually top the lists. Make their happiness a priority.


The flex man digital clock adds a fun flair to custom gifts

If your company thrives on humor (and every office should  incorporate humor Into its culture), make sure everyone remembers it with this fun digital clock. Decorate employee desks with fun. This digital-display human-shaped clock comes in multiple colors to capture your company's brand and style. Who said custom gifts have to be cheesy? Okay, this one may be, but we love it so much!


Custom gifts should encourage a better life

This 17-ounce aluminum sports bottle will remind your employees to get their daily dose of water to stay hydrated and healthy. Plus, it's a well-known fact that staying hydrated makes the brain stay alert, which means increased productivity. But shhh, we didn't tell you that. Hand out these custom gifts, and be the champion of the office while encouraging good championship.


Custom gifts can be your best Office Buddy

Seriously. Who can't appreciate the Swiss Army Knife of the office? Okay, this Office Buddy may not save lives, but it sure saves the business day when you're looking for the right office accessory. Part staple remover, and part letter opener, the versatility of these custom gifts make them a necessity in our own offices.


Whatever your choice of custom gifts for Employee Appreciation Day on March 4, 2016 is, make sure it says thanks for a job well done. is proud to help you treat your employees to some unexpected fun to show them you care, and help boost your business.

Customized Blue Ink Pens for the Win!


If you've been pondering which customized pens you should invest in as advertising tools and gifts for your most valued customers (which should be ALL of them), customized blue ink pens are a great way to go. Not only do they stand out from the more often-seen promotional black ink pens (which we also love -- check these out!) but they are very versatile for the multi-use purposes that today's professionals and document-signers demand.


Blue ink pens for important documents


Blue ink pens are required by various entities to show original signatures. Banks mortgage companies and trust companies use them regularly, and require them for signing loans, mortgage documents and more. Keep your customers well equipped for whatever life may throw their way, and be involved in the important moments of their lives, like signing for a house, buying a car, getting a loan. Without being overly sentimental, it's a nice touch to show that you care, and that you value them not only as customers, but as people.


Blue ink pens for your rushed moments


Many of your (and our!) favorite blue ink pens are also available as 24 hour pens, meaning we produce them in 24 fast hours, and get them to you as fast as possible after that. These are great options for when you are up against a time crunch during a last minute event. Our 24-hour blue ink pens make great trade show giveaways, and keep you well-prepared.


Blue ink pens aren't just for boys


Blue blows the boundaries. Forget the old idea of blue and pink being strict color choices determined by gender. Blue ink pens add a striking touch of class (and charm) to everything written by anyone. Spice up your writing instrument collection, and your trade show giveaway stock with the color blue. takes pride in providing quality blue ink pens and other customized products for your promotional product needs. With a smorgasboard of options for imprinting your logo on any of our customized promotional products, and blue ink pens, your advertising arsenal will be ready to go with our next event or campaign.

February Promotional Products Deals: For the Romantic in Us All

(Promo ends Feb. 14, 2016)

February is not only a month for lovers, but for savvy businesses and marketers that are looking for great deals on promotional products. During the month of February, you can get amazing deals on many custom products, including those featured below. For additional promotional products on sale, check out our Pinterest page. Consider this a Valentine's Day gift to you and your clients, or, for those less romantically inclined, a leap year special! (We love gifts - here are a few more from us to you)


These select products are on sale through February 14, providing savings to you of 10%! To take advantage of this promo while it lasts (through February 14, 2016), call us at (888) 411-6999 and mention Valentine's Day promo. We'll take care of the rest.


Custom 3-Color Heart Highlighter

Love color-coding? With this custom 3-color heart highlighter, you'll be able to color-code your favorite Shakespeare lines, or that instruction manual you've been putting off delving into. Three colors make it easy to stay organized in the office, or on the go. Simplify your clients' lives with 3-color custom highlighter.


Custom Heart Gel Hot/Cold Pack

Wipe away the tears by soothing the hurt with a heart-shaped hot/cold gel pack. Give this to your client's to let them know they are at the heart of your company, and you couldn't function without them.


Heart Shaped Key Tag

Never lose your keys again with this vibrant, cheeky heart shaped key tag. Red with silver trim design gives it a fun and classy appeal that attracts trade show guests to your booth and opens the door to business conversations with prospects.


Whatever you're celebrating this month, make sure to take advantage of these deals before they're gone. February is always the shortest month of the year. This year, you have an extra "Leap Day" to get in on the deal! Call us at (888) 411-6999 to talk to a specialist about which of these deals will best suit your audience. For more great promotional product deals, like customized pens, promotional bags, and more, follow us on Twitter for last minute offers, (and join our Pinterest page for longer promotions too!).

February Promotional Products Deals: For People Who Love Their Cars

(Promo ends Feb. 29, 2016)


Select promotional products from our custom automotive products department are both on EQP sale, and have the $55 set-up fee WAIVED to make this a fabulous February indeed. To make these great products your own this month, call us at (888) 411-6999 and mention promo code AUTOPROMO216. Then sit back and wait for your products to ship.


Custom Mini Tire Gauge/Keychain

For those who like to carry useful gadgets wherever they go, the custom mini tire gauge keychain is practical, and, let's face it, a whole lot of fun. Who can resist mini tools? We sure can't!


Custom Mini Auto Adapter

These custom mini auto adapters aren't only way cute, but they are extremely practical for the savvy tech person who carries electronics wherever he/she goes. With a huge selection of colors to choose from, you can appeal to a wide target audience and draw them toward your business.


Custom Tire Tread Measurer Key Light

Keep your clients safe on the road with a custom tire tread measurer (with key light!). This handy promotional device will ensure that tires meet safety requirements long before they find themselves stuck on the freeway shoulder.


Whatever you're celebrating this month, make sure to take advantage of these deals before they're gone. February is always the shortest month of the year. This year, you have an extra "Leap Day" to get in on the deal! Call us at (888) 411-6999 to talk to a specialist about which of these deals will best suit your audience. For more great promotional product deals, like customized pens, promotional bags, and more, follow us on Twitter for last minute offers, (and join our Pinterest page for longer promotions too!).