About BizPen, Inc

Bizpen.com has been on line since 1999. It was started with just a dozen pens.

As the internet grew so did Bizpen and today we have an extensive product line with a very nice selection of top quality products that are hand picked with best price, quality and production time being kept in mind. We are not the corporate supermarket with an over saturation of cheap promotional products.

We’re a “boutique” rather than a “Walmart” promotional products site. We have weeded out the tacky cheap promotional products for you so you don’t show up at an event with a tradeshow giveaway like a cheap promotional pen that doesn’t write.

We carry only top quality products in every price range and we stand behind and guarantee your satisfaction of all our promotional products. We pride ourselves in having customer service that is second to none. Our courteous representatives help you in any way they can. We will give you suggestions if you’re unsure of what you want, send you images of products that may not even be on the site or find a great close out.

We will do everything in our power to get you promotional products in time for your tradeshow in you’re budget even if we have a limited time frame to work with.

Just call in, toll free at 888-411-6999 and a friendly customer service representative will be happy to help you.

If you see something at any other web site you want but it is not a good price, or the supplier is across the country and shipping is too expensive, or you want it in a different color, give us a call. We will do our best to find the item at a better price and get it to you in a quicker production time. We will be your personal shopper for your event if you tell us the theme. You can just send your custom logo to one place and we’ll do it all for you. Nothing beats one stop shopping when you’re to do list is a mile long.!

Now the one really big thing that makes us stand out and quite different than almost every other promotional products web site is that we are GIVING AWAY minimum quantity orders at the maximum quantity discount. This means when you buy any imprinted pen or promotional product at the smallest quantity offered, you will not pay the regular price it would be at the minimum quantity, you will be paying the price per piece of the maximum quantity discount.

This is known as the End Quantity Price, also known as “EQP” in our industry. So if a business would buy 300 pens which are regularly 49 each, the 300 would cost 147.00 printed. Let’s just say for example the pen is .35 on EQP The same order of 300 pieces is now only costing you 105.00 printed. That is a huge savings, 42.00 on a 147.00 is a 29% discount on a minimum quantity order!!!

We are giving all our customers the opportunity to purchase their promotional products with the same volume discount as the major corporations.

We feel that even the smaller business needs to be able to get promotional products at a reasonable price so they can promote their business to grow their business and we believe they will repay us by not only being loyal customers for years to come but they’ll also send us all their friends as we hope you do too!!

As for our very appreciated corporate accounts that are buying the big volume, we feel you also need a break. We have a very special opportunity for you if you have a bit of time. As us about our over sea’s programs for large volume orders of 10.000 or more units. Not just a cheap promotional product or promotional pens, but any type of customized pen or tradeshow giveaway as well as expensive laser engraved corporate giveaways.

Another thing we’d like to point out is in today’s promotional products market there are so many on line promotional products business’ selling many very similar looking tradeshow giveaway items, cheap promotional products and promotional pens.
One thing to keep in mind when shopping for an imprinted promotional product on line is that not all pens and promotional products are created equal. While a promotional stick pen looks very similar to another the quality difference in a cheap promotional pen can be so dramatic that it is the difference of a customized pen writing or not. Perhaps skipping as it writes or then there is the cheap personalized pen that just writes for a half a college application. Is this what you want to pass out at your event?

Be leery, if a cheap pen is much less at one site than most others, there is usually a good reason for it. With 287 promotional products one must keep in mind that spending 16 cents to give something away that represents your company and doesn’t work well will only be .16 cents thrown out and a bad reflection on you if any. If you spend just a bit more, you can get a quality writing instrument like a Bic Click Stick and it will write for 1.2 miles! Now that advertising is really giving you a bang for your buck.

At Bizpen.com we guarantee the quality of all our personalized pens, customized magnets, personalized travel mugs and all our promotional products. We work with only top rated manufacturers and your satisfaction is our main concern.

Unsure of what a good giveaway would be, need some suggestions, call in; we’re here to help. In a rush for a show or event, call us, we’ll do our best to find them close to you to save time and cost in transit.

Larger than web site quantities, call in for a better price.

Thank you, Bizpen.com