Connections Convert

It’s no secret that human connection converts more customers than a pitch alone. In fact, you can have the best pitch in the world, but if you don’t connect with your audience by showing them how it actually meets their needs, it doesn’t matter.


So next time you head out to do some sales or marketing, focus on being human rather than simply perfecting your pitch. Listening to audience needs and being equipped with promotional gifts are great ways of breaking down the barrier that often exists between salesmen and prospects. As you begin to focus on building bridges toward people, here are a few key things to keep in mind.


Meet them where they’re at


Learn to read people. When you can sense, either by talking or listening, where they’re at in the buying process, you can tailor your approach to fit them. This shows them that you’re not just generically pushing a product, but that you actually want to implement your solution in the best way. Tailored promotional products help drive home how much you care.


Address their needs and concerns


It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of a good sales pitch. But your prospects don’t want or need your product or service. What they need is a solution. Next time you’re tempted to barrage them with a list of benefits before you even know what their real needs or concerns are, stop. That’s the precise time that you should start asking questions and taking an interest in them as people who happen to also be prospects.


Leave them a small token reminder of the interaction


Nobody cares what you know until you show them that you care. After connecting with your prospects at a human level rather than salesman to prospect, leave them with small (or large) promotional gifts to remember you and your company by.


However you design your marketing process, it’s important to always keep relationships and human connection at the forefront.

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