Have A marketing strategy? If Not, Get One.

marketing strategies that will boost your business 

In this day and age, being a business without a marketing strategy is a dangerous feat. In fact, you can't survive long without it. Promotional products are a great start for your strategy, but by laying down a real plan your business can soar. Follow these 5 simple steps to creating a basic marketing plan (and don't forget the promotional products!)


Know Your Company


The first rule of every business should be "know thy company." Without an accurate understanding of the industry, market needs, competitor offerings, competitor marketing, and your own niche market, your business will sit on the sidelines. Take some time to think through your company's strengths, and what makes it spin circles around your competitors. How do you help your clients/customers? What services do you offer that make you stand out? What are you weaknesses? Is there room for expansion, and is that on the table for the future? These are key questions to ask as you look to the future and to success.


Know Your Audience


If you can't describe them, you don't know them. Take some time to think through who they are, where they are, what they like, how much they earn, and what they love to do on the weekends. The more you put into their sketch now, the easier it will be to think like a marketer in all your business dealings. Remembers, marketing is everything that emanates from your company. Every word. Every product. Every news story. Every employee. If your customers are wild and crazy 20-somethings, there should be something in your company culture that reflects your audience. A white office full of suited-up professionals will fail to draw them in. Get in tune with your customers.


Know Your Goals


An unstated goal is just a dream. Write down your goals, and you begin to create the roadmap to get you there.  Make your goals measurable so that you can see your successes. They will fuel you on to the next phase rather than phase you out.


Define Strategies


Your marketing plan should embrace your targets at every step along the sales funnel, from new prospects to long-time customers. This will include increasing brand awareness and exposing them to your company; engaging with prospects and customers; utilizing digital marketing; promoting deals and customer appreciation events. The whole gamut. Devise a plan for reaching people at every stage and

You are well on your way to marketing success.


Set A Budget


The runaway budget is nobody's friend. Make sure you figure out a number, and stay within it. If you're just starting out, you might not have a budget. Perhaps you are self-funded, or taking a loan. Either way, keep track of your expenses before they get out of control. If you find your marketing is getting control of your pocketbook, go back and make adjustments to your plan to keep it working for you.

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