Sticky Notes Fun

Customized sticky notes have a way of "sticking around" -- pardon the pun. There are more reasons than  the obviously fun sticky factor that we love these little advertising tools. Customized sticky notes can be the very thing that will help you build your business stronger, and set it up for stickability (again, pardon the pun -- it's just too much fun!)


You can attract more customers to your trade show booth by displaying your customized sticky notes in stunning ways that demand to be noticed. Sticky notes are lauded around the world as useful tools for jogging our memories in ways that sometimes the best smartphone reminder can't. Sticky notes provide the visual that we crave, yet have lost with technology. Help your customers regain their memory (and sanity) by providing them customized sticky notes to jog their memory about you when it matters most.


Deck out your tradeshow booth with some of these ideas for using customized sticky notes as decor, you can draw in more potential customers as they stop by to admire your displays. Make sure to send them away with plenty of customized sticky notes and tips for designing their own fantastical displays at home. 

Customized sticky notes make surprisingly beautiful flowers 

Customized sticky notes are artistic

Mona Lisa

Eiffel Tower     


Customized Sticky notes pinata


Customized sticky notes for customized messages

Customized sticky notes make great guest books

Customized sticky notes office prank

Customized sticky notes as awesome angry birds window decals


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