Tapping into the tech base to convert techies to buyers

Every company has a unique client and audience base, and it’s important to identify, know and understand them to optimize your own marketing efforts. 


By tapping into their interests and needs as you select the right promotional products, you can set a reminder in their minds about your company so that when it comes time to convert from browser to buyer, you are first on their mind.


Choose top-rated promotional products


The top 3 promotional products that top tech firms give their prospects are tech gear, wearables, and writing instruments. Experts in the promotions field say that tech companies choose products that speak their customers “geek-speak” language. That means off-the-beaten-path, quirky and fun.


Use memorable messages or text


The tech community takes pride in being different … unique … and probably unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Make sure your brand messaging speaks to them. Choosing the right promotional products is a start, but make sure that the message you’re conveying with the product is clever and captures their fast-moving minds.


Be tweetable


If we know anything about the tech world, it’s that they’re well-connected. Set up your event or tradeshow to be shareable via social outlets. A photo booth, an instagram contest, or a quirky mascot are great ways of encouraging social sharing and spreading your brand across the web to other techies.


Above all, get creative


Masters of technology and the web have seen and created a lot. It often takes a special twist on the usual to spark their attention and establish yourself in their memory bank. Don’t believe me? Take a look at these techie creations, and reconsider your approach of the “usual”. Meet techies where they’re at: the web, techie events, techie tradeshows, and of course, the best geeky events around. And don’t forget: techies love creative promotional products. So be liberal.


So next time you feel stuck in the “same-old” rut as you approach your next event or prospect, stop and think for a moment, then ditch the “same-old” for an exciting, fun attention-grabbing approach. Acquire important insight into your customers to become a better marketer, and an all-over better and more well-rounded person who knows how to relate with a variety of people. That is, after all, a key aspect of marketing success. 

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