What is EQP Pricing?

EQP : Simply Put = End Quantity Pricing

EQP Pricing is the term used in the industry to describe the least expensive cost of a promotional product. The first quantity you see posted on a website for any promotional product is the minimum quantity = Most Expensive.

With laser engraved customized pens or really any type of personalized promotional pens or custom imprinted product, the labor and cost is in the set-up of the order. It is needed for any order whether, 300 or 5000 pieces. The highest number posted on a site is usually for 2500 or 5000 pieces. That is the end quantity. It is the least expensive price per piece you will pay for that imprinted promotional pen. At Bizpen.com we offer that End Quantity Pricing on almost every cheap personalized pen.

For example, let's say the personalized pens that you choose may be regularly .49 each. For a total of $147.00 for your small order of 300 customized pens,. Now this same pen at the "EQP" which is the 5000 piece minimum price is just .35 each.

So the order of 300 pieces is now only costing you $105.00.

That is a huge savings! Now we do not have EQP on every product on the site, but browse the categories and you will find MANY imprinted promotional products throughout the site are on EQP. We have put extensive research into getting the best quality merchandise to our customers at the best possible price.

"There are also some items you will find on Next Quantity Discount.

This means whatever quantity you purchase over the minimum order, you get the next quantity price. Imprinted pens usually have a minimum around 250 and then the next quantity break is at 500 and the next at 1000. So if you buy the minimum of 250 pieces, you will pay the price that is for the 500 quantity. If you buy 500, you will pay the price posted for 1000 and so on.

Promotional pens or any other promotional product on Next Quantity Discount will be discounted at the minimum quantity on the site.

Please call in on our toll free number, 888-411-6999 to place your order for larger quantities at the Next Quantity Discount.

One more thing to keep in mind while browsing through our products: Not all pens and promotional products are created equal. While a promotional stick pen looks very similar to any other pen, the quality difference can be great. The cheaper pen may not write as well. Perhaps skipping as it writes, or the pen that just writes for a half of a college application. You don't want to pass these out at your next event!

Be leery, if a cheap pen is much less at one site than it is at most others, then there is usually a very good reason for it. Remember that there are inexpensive pens, and then there are cheap pens. Which one will you order?

At Bizpen.com, with EQP pricing you'll get the best quality product that you can for your budget. As you are shopping with our End Quantity Discount!!!

Thanks for your business!