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Bring on the selfies! These customized selfie-sticks will satisfy all forms of self-love and provide lasting memories. This promotional selfie stick extends 33.5 inches and does not require a battery or app to operate. Users only need to plug the device into their iPhone and begin snapping photos with the button on the handle to enjoy all of the benefits that accompany selfie sticks. These promo items are sure to be a hit, we’re in a society where taking pictures is a way of life. Useful promotional products like this have no gender or age limitations. There kept and used for years, branding your company the entire time. Add these tradeshow giveaways to your collection to reach a level of popularity that few businesses know exist. Take the perfect selfie with this extendable selfie stick (extends to 35.5 inches). Does not require a battery or use of an app. Simply plug the 3.5mm audio jack into your iPhone(R) and press the button located on the handle. Adjustable phone holder fits all smartphones. To use with Android, Samsung and other mobile devices that contain a built-in camera, make use of the self timer function.

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